eMail Sending with Gentics CMS

This section covers the necessary configuration settings, when Gentics CMS shall send inbox messages as eMails.

1 Configuration Settings

The following features may be set to enable eMail sending

// enable the feature to send inbox messages as eMails
$FEATURE["inbox_to_email"] = true;

// set the hostname of the mailserver. The mailserver must be
// reachable from the Gentics CMS Server and must accept
// relaying eMails from this server. The default is 'localhost'

// Port of the mailserver
$MAILPORT = 587;

// set the eMail Address to be used as Return-Path header (also
// called envelope address). It may be important to set this to
// a real eMail address, because some target mail servers might
// block eMails otherwise.

// with this flag, STARTTLS will be used when communicating with the email server (see

// username for email authentication
$MAILUSERNAME = "emailuser";

// password for email authentication
$MAILPASSWORD = "secret";

As Gentics CMS does not always send emails with a “From”-header, you should configure your mail sending application (sendmail, postfix) to send emails with a valid email address by default (a valid external public DNS hostname). Otherwise other mail servers will maybe reject the emails.