Devtools UI

This section contains a short description of the devtools UI.

1 Packages

When the feature devtools is activated, users with sufficient permission will get a new entry in the tree Administration|Content.Admin|Packages which will lead to the list of packages found in the filesystem.

From here, the following actions are possible:

2 List of objects

Selecting a package will list the objects contained in the package. The lists are separated by types:

  • Tagtypes
  • Templates
  • Datasources
  • Object properties
  • CR Fragments
  • ContentRepositories

The current listed type can be changed in the assistent frame. The Info section of the assistent frame shows the content of the file found in the package’s root directory.

The object lists allow to

  • Add objects (from the CMS) into the package
  • Remove objects from the package

When the automatic synchronization is disabled, packages might contain objects that do not exist in the CMS. They will also be listed, but marked with No in the column In the CMS.

Users with sufficient permission will get additional tree entries for each node.

3.1 Packages of the node

This entry will lead to a list of all packages, with the possibility to assign packages to the node. When a package is assigned to a node, all tagtypes and templates in that package will also be assigned to the node. CR fragments contained in the package will be assigned to the CR of the node. When a package is unassigned from a node, the tagtypes and templates already assigned will still be assigned to the node, but any further changes of the package will not affect the node.

3.2 Tagtypes of the node

This will show a list of all tagtypes currently assigned to the node.

3.3 Templates of the node

This will show a list of all templates currently assigned to the node. Templates are assigned to the node, when they are contained in a package which is assigned to the node, or when they are linked to at least one folder of the node.

When a template is unassigned from the node, it is unlinked from all folders of the node.

4 Adding multiple objects to packages

Users with sufficient permissions have an additional action Add to package in the list views for template, tagtypes, datasources, object properties and CR fragments. Selecting this action for a single or multiple objects will show a list of all packages, where one or multiple packages can be selected and the objects added to the packages with the action Add to package.