The Autoupdate feature allows you to update your Gentics CMS installation in just a few minutes. The update process is fully integrated into the backend ui.

1 Manual Update

In some cases your server may not be able to access the internet. In this case you can configure the manual update in your node.conf.

$UPDATE_FROM_LOCAL = "/Node/tmp/localupdate";

Gentics CMS will search for updates within the given path once the UPDATE_FROM_LOCAL setting is configured.

You can use a shell script that fetches new updates and places them within the localupdate directory. The download can easily be achived by using a proxyserver with wget or curl.

2 Downloading Updatefiles

You can download updatefiles using the following urls:

2.1 Latest Updatesite

# XML File that contains all updates

# Example link for 5.9.5

2.2 Legacy Updatesite

You have to insert your full serial number in the link and the filename of the update package in the second one. The first .txt file contains the current release filename.