Repository Browser configuration

This page describes how to configure the Repository Browser.

1 Options

1.1 Show all page languages

All of a page’s languages can be displayed in one line or just a number of them in one line and the others will be show in a pop-up when hovering the elements (default). To show all in one line we must set the option ‘expandLanguages’ to ‘true’.


	$ALOHA_SETTINGS['plugins']['gcn-linkbrowser']['expandLanguages'] = "true";

When using this option we recommend setting paging size to unlimited. Otherwise paging size might be affected.

1.2 Columns configuration

We can configure the order and number of the columns of the repository browser we want to show. The columns that can be configured are:

  • icon
  • id
  • name
  • fileName
  • type
  • baseType
  • template
  • path
  • language
  • translations
  • fileType
  • fileSize
  • folderName
  • status
  • inherited
  • sizeX
  • sizeY

For each columns we can define a set of properties:

  • title (default: ‘’) – the column title to be displayed. This can contain translations in for the available languages (’de’ and ‘en’)
  • width (default: 150) – the pixel width of the column
  • resizable (default: true) – whether the column should be resizeable
  • fixed (default: false) – together with ‘width’ to indicate that the width of the column will not be changed when resizing

Configuration example:


$ALOHA_SETTINGS['plugins']['gcn-linkbrowser']['columns'] = Array(
  Array("icon" => Array("width" => 10, "fixed" => "true")),
  Array("name" => Array("title" => "Name", "width" => 100)),
  Array("translations" => Array("title" => Array("de" => "√úbersetzungen", "en" => "Translations"))),
  Array("fileName" => Array("resizable" => "false")),
  Array("template" => Array("title" => Array("de" => "Vorlage", "en" => "Template"), "width" => 100)),
  Array("language" => Array("width" => 20))

1.3 Configuration for specific nodes

It is also possible to add configuration for specific nodes.


$ALOHA_SETTINGS_NODE[2]['plugins']['gcn-linkbrowser']['expandLanguages'] = "false";