Aloha Editor Gentics CMS Plugins

Plugin configuration guide for Aloha Editor >= 0.10 and newer

1 Plugin Names

Plugin names have changed be much more compact, and are now organized in plugin bundles. Therefore you need to change your Aloha Editor configuration if you’re switching from 0.9.3. Please have a look at the common bundle and the extra bundle to learn their new names. Common bundles will be actively maintained and kept up to date with Aloha Editor’s core, whilst the extra bundle might not always be most up to date.

2 Configure list of loaded plugins

With the following setting, the global plugin list can be configured. The example seen below will show you how to extend the default set of enabled plugins:


    'common/characterpicker',   // add common/characterpicker
    'extra/cite'     => true,   // add extra/cite
    'common/format'  => false   // deactivate common/format

You no longer need to use array_unique/array_merge to merge the custom plugins with the global plugins. This is now done internally. (Since Version 5.5.3+)

Please note, that by overwriting the $ALOHA_PLUGINS_GLOBAL plugins array, future updates of Gentics CMS, that introduce new plugins will not automatically take effect. Therefore it is recommended to extend the array (as shown) rather than overwriting it. If the Gentics CMS integration plugin (gcn/gcn) is not contained in the list, it will automatically be added to the end.

3 Per Node Plugin List

It is also possible to configure the loaded plugins per node, using either the local ID or global ID or the name of the node.

Configuration per local ID, global ID and name cannot be mixed. The CMS will first look for a configuration by global ID, if that is not found, by node name and if that is not found by local ID.


// Define the Aloha Editor plugins list for Node with global ID 3D6C.bbcc391e-ae22-11e9-9f0d-00155df0382f
$ALOHA_PLUGINS_NODE['3D6C.bbcc391e-ae22-11e9-9f0d-00155df0382f'] = array( 
    'custom/helloworld',        // add custom/helloworld
    'common/format'   => true,  // add common/format
    'extra/cite'      => false  // deactivate extra/cite

4 List of default Aloha Editor Plugins

  • common/format
  • common/highlighteditables
  • common/list
  • common/link
  • common/table
  • common/paste
  • common/contenthandler
  • common/commands
  • gcn/gcn-linkbrowser
  • gcn/gcn

You don’t have to specify these in your config.

5 Experimental Features

You may use a the latest experimental version of the gcn/gcn-plugin. The latest version will use the newly developed Gentics CMS JavaScript API.

You need to change the directory gcn with the gcn-gcnjslib. We suggest to use the following commands:

cd /Node/tomcat/webapps/CNPortletapp/20120314-145222/alohaeditor-0.10/plugins/gcn
mv gcn gcn-no_gcnjslib
mv gcn-gcnjslib gcn

The folderstructure may be slightly different on your system.

Do not use symlinks as tomcat won’t follow them.

You need to enable the block plugin when using the new gcn plugin. Please note that this feature might be enabled by default in future releases.