Configuring access to Tomcat

Some basic settings in node.conf can be adapted for Gentics CMS to access its Tomcat.


  1. Configuration

1 Configuration

These are available configuration settings presented with their default values:


// URL where Gentics CMS can access its Tomcat
// path where Gentics CMS is located
$CN_LOCAL_PATH = "/.Node/"; 
// IPs that are allowed to access the configuration of Gentics CMS
$CN_CONFIG_ALLOWEDIPS = array('', 'localhost');
// URL where the JavaParserInvoker Servlet can be reached 
$PORTAL_CONNECT['url'] = "$CN_LOCAL_SERVER/CNPortletapp/JavaParserInvoker";

// Actions that internally trigger a REST call will use a wait timeout of 5000ms (where applicable)
// After this timeout, the triggered action will be put into the background