Custom Tools

It is possible to add Custom Tools to the new UI.

1 Configuration

Custom Tools are configured in the configuration files:


$CUSTOM_TOOLS[] = array(
	"id" => 2,
	"key" => "supertool",
	"name" => "Supertool",
	"toolUrl" => "",
	"newtab" => true

$CUSTOM_TOOLS[] = array(
	"id" => 1,
	"key" => "formgenerator",
	// make sure to use singlequotes (') here so ${SID} will be replaced correctly
	"toolUrl" => '${SID}',
	"iconUrl" => "",
	"name" => array(
		"de" => "Formulargenerator Administration",
		"en" => "Formgenerator Administration"
	"newtab" => false

Property Description Mandatory
id Internal ID of the Custom Tool. Must be an integer and unique among the custom tools. Is internally used for permission handling. yes
key Unique key of the custom tool, which is used in the URL of the new UI yes
toolUrl URL to open the custom tool. The URL might contain the placeholder ${SID} which will be replaced with the current session ID. This can be used for tools, that use the CMS session for authentication/authorization. yes
iconUrl URL of the tool’s icon no
name Name of the custom tool. Can be a single string or an associative array of names in english (“en”) and german (“de”). yes
newtab Flag that can be set, when the custom tool shall be opened in a new Tab. Defaults to false no

Custom Tools, that use the current CMS session for authentication/authorization must use the same hostname as the CMS itself. Otherwise the session secret cookie (which identifies the current CMS session together with the SID) would not be sent to the custom tool.

2 Permissions

The CMS permission system is used to grant permission to see custom tools to specific user groups.

Users in groups with the permission to grant privileges on custom tools will implicitly have permission to see all custom tools.

Custom tools, that use the CMS session for authentication/authorization can use the REST API to check for view permission:

GET /CNPortletapp/rest/perm/view/90001/{id} will return

	"messages": [],
	"responseInfo": {
		"responseCode": "OK",
		"responseMessage": "Successfully fetched perm"
	"granted": true

if the user is granted view permission on the custom tool with ID {id}.