ContentRepository Fragments

ContentRepository fragments are containers for tagmap entries. Grouping tagmap entries in ContentRepository fragments allows to

1 Administration

ContentRepository Fragments can be created and managed in the Administration UI under Administration|Content.Admin|CR Fragments.

The properties dialog for an entry will show all possible properties the entry can have. Not all properties are applicable to all types of ContentRepository. Properties not applicable will be ignored, when the fragment containing the entry is assigned to a ContentRepository.

2 Assignment to ContentRepository

ContentRepositories have a menu entry CR Fragments which will show a list of available CR Fragments. CR Fragments can be assigned to the ContentRepository or unassigned from the ContentRepository.

The list of Tagmap Entries for a ContentRepository will also show the entries from assigned CR Fragments, but they cannot be modified or deleted in this list. If Tagmap Entries from CR Fragments assigned to the ContentRepository conflict with each other or with Tagmap Entries from the ContentRepository itself, they will be marked with a warning Icon (next to the Mapname). The tooltip of the icon will show a description of the conflict.

Whenever a CR Fragment is modified or assigned to a ContentRepository, the list of Tagmap Entries should be checked for conflicts. Using a ContentRepository with conflicting Tagmap Entries for publishing might lead to unexpected results or even let the publish process fail with an error.

3 Devtools

ContentRepository Fragments can be added to devtool packages.

4 Import/Export

ContentRepository Fragments can be exported and imported either as part of ContentRepositories or individually.

If a ContentRepository is exported, the assigned ContentRepository Fragments will also be exported (unless excluded from the export).

Exporting a ContentRepository Fragment, will not automatically export any ContentRepository having it assigned.

When a ContentRepository is imported, and it had a ContentRepository Fragment assigned to it while being exported, the ContentRepository Fragment will be assigned during the import, if it is also imported or already exists locally.

When a ContentRepository Fragment is imported, and it was assigned to a ContentRepository while being exported, it will not be assigned to the ContentRepository during the import, unless the ContentRepository is also imported.