Installing Gentics CMS

This page described what steps are needed to install Gentics CMS.

1 Pre Requirements

  • System Requirements
  • All commands have to be executed using the root user.
  • Make sure the locale en_US.UTF-8 is generated
  • Make sure your timezone is correctly set (eg. to CET)

1.1 Download the package

Download the Gentics CMS JAR from our Maven repository:

  1. OSS version:
  2. Enterprise version:

Save the JAR file under /cms.

1.2 Create service

Create the systemd service file:


Description=Gentics CMS

ExecStart=java -Duser.dir=/cms -Dcom.gentics.contentnode.config.files=cms -cp cms-oss-server.jar com.gentics.contentnode.server.Runner


Create the configuration .yml files under /cms/conf/cms and activate the service with

# systemctl enable /cms/cms.service

1.3 Database server

When using the debian package installer with MariaDB, this step will be done automatically.

Please install a compatible MySQL Server on your system. We suggest a installation of MariaDB on the same server that will host Gentics CMS.

The following mysql permissions are needed.

  mysql> GRANT usage ON *.* to node_cms@HOSTNAME;
  mysql> GRANT super ON *.* to node_cms@HOSTNAME;
  mysql> GRANT all ON node_utf8.* to node_cms@HOSTNAME;
  mysql> GRANT all ON node_utf8_cr.* to node_cms@HOSTNAME;
  mysql> GRANT all ON node_utf8_todo.* to node_cms@HOSTNAME;

The following mysql custom settings are mandatory. (MariaDB / MySQL 5.7)

  innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit = 2
  character-set-server           = utf8mb4
  character_set_client           = utf8
  character-set-filesystem       = utf8

  sql_mode                       = ""
  innodb                         = FORCE
  default-storage-engine         = InnoDB
  max_allowed_packet             = 256M
  collation_server               = utf8_general_ci

  default-character-set          = utf8

2 Migration

See the migration guide for information about migrating from CMP 7.x to CMP 8.×.

2.1 Final recommendations and suggestions

It is mandatory to adjust the memory settings for your installation. Not doing so can lead to performance issues.

It’s considered best practice to use hyphens (-) instead of underscores (_) in URL’s. For new installations you should add these settings to your configuration.

2.2 Resetting the database

The database of the Gentics CMS can by reset anytime by dropping & recreating the database:

mysql> DROP database node_utf8;
mysql> CREATE database node_utf8;

The database structure will be recreated during the next startup of Gentics CMS.