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von am 22.12.2010

The Telekom Austria Group relaunched their group wide intranet with the Enterprise CMS Gentics Content.Node and a breeze of Aloha. The new innovative standard for online editing, the Aloha Editor, was successfully implemented in a great, colorful and communicative intranet solution.

"The Groupnet will be THE most important media of the Telekom Austria Group (8 companies in 8 countries) and a group wide communication tool" - that's the goal! The groupnet shall provide information on a group level and should not replace locale intranets. To represent the international touch and the group identify the relaunch with the Enterprise CMS Gentics Content.Node 5 (Aloha technology included) fulfilled these needs:

  • improved usability
  • personalized design
  • modern layout
  • interactive functions
  • access for 16,000 employees

The groupnet was designed and created by Netural ( ), the Upper Austrian web agency and solution partner of Gentics, who created the involving and appealing design of the groupnet. The project was implemented together with Gentics on the newest version 5 of Gentics Content.Node with Aloha Editor
( ) technology which enables the editor not only to copy & paste seamlessly from Microsoft Word but to structure new contents in no time.

The great, extensible search framework Apache Lucene was used to provide not only the integrated search but to create dynamic news overviews for visitors.

"Thanks to the engaged editors team, a flexible IT department of the Telekom Austria, the hard-working team of Netural and our great people in the development & implementation - we could launch this project at a promised time schedule of 4,5 months.", mentions Andrea Schauerhuber head of Gentics Solution center.

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