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Social Software and Enterprise 2.0

Effective collaboration is an important success factor for all enterprises. Contents as well as know-how need to be spread quickly, arrive on time at the right place and for the right person.

Social softwares such as blogs and Wikis are valuable “communication boosters” both in private life and in enterprises. They encourage internal knowledge management, motivate employees and contribute to productivity. Social Software plays an important role in a modern and flexible company structure.

Gentics Enterprise Portal, Enterprise 2.0 “best practice” application already provides examples like Wikis, Blogs, commenting functions, people management, widgets, forums, document sharing tools and application integration portlets. Gentics Enterprise Portal is a central content platform which can be managed arbitrary.

Make your company fit for Enterprise 2.0.

Social Software

Haymo Meran
Haymo Meran Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)